What matters to us

Coltham recognises the sustainability risks and opportunities the real estate sector faces, we are committed to playing our part in this evolving landscape. Sustainability considerations are at the forefront of our ethos and guide our decision making both as a company and across our portfolio. Our corporate vision is focused on the future of real estate and our positive environmental impact as a firm, whether that means growing our portfolio in new directions, reimagining our existing buildings or re-evaluating activities at a corporate level.

Our purpose is to improve real estate by investing in opportunities that enhance our assets, protect the environment, support our people and communities and generate responsible returns for our investors.

Coltham is aware our business contributes towards emissions, our team consider our impact and implement initiatives to reduce these where we can. Our main contribution is through the buildings we develop and manage. We are targeting BREEAM Outstanding and EPC A+ on 4 of our current new build projects as well as the refurbishment of an EPC G rated manufacturing facility where we are targeting  BREEAM Outstanding in Refurbishment and EPC rating of A.

Investing in our properties to provide efficient, sustainable, healthy and future-proofed assets

Enhance sustainability performance at assets in partnership with tenants to reduce energy & carbon, water and waste

Incorporate sustainable building certifications and effective technologies into new developments and refurbishments

Ensure a clear understanding of environmental and climate change risks related to our assets, taking decisive action at the appropriate time

Adopt best practices in health & wellbeing for the buildings we develop and manage

For new developments review and incorporate appropriate circular economy, biodiversity and green infrastructure measures